Central Wisconsin Produce Auction, Inc. is a corporation owned by local shareholders, mostly growers, who saw the need for a wholesale Produce Auction to sell fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, and nursery stock.

The auction way is the fairest way to sell, as it creates a true supply and demand scenario.

Wholesale produce auctions have successfully been operated for a long time. New Jersey was probably one of the first to have one. Pennsylvania now has at least five auctions operating. Also, Ohio, New York, Kentucky, and Missouri all have auctions operating successfully

For the larger buyers who don't have time to attend the auction, there will be an experienced order buyer available to buy his produce and also to get it loaded and delivered to his place of business. There will be a 3% buyers fee charged for order buying as it takes extra effort to buy the product and see that it gets loaded on the truck for delivery. Delivery charge is extra.

 Central Wisconsin Produce Auction is a wholesale produce market providing fresh locally grown produce, fruits and plants for stores, farm markets, roadside stands also wholesale distributers. To maintain a wholesale market a 10% buyer premium will be add to all non wholesale purchases.

We are located at N14676 County Highway 0, Withee, Wisconsin, 54498

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